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Our IQ test consists of three steps. Below is a detailed explanation that might help the candidates understand the process: Taking the test: The test consists of 20 questions that might gradually increase in difficulty. For the best results, candidates need to be in a quiet place and away from any distraction that might shift their attention from the questions sequence. Be careful, once an answer has been clicked, you cannot go back to the previous question and change your answer. Information: After finishing the test, you will be redirected to a page to input your name, email address, age, country, gender and study field. Please make sure to review our privacy policy for details on how we use your data. Test Validation: The test is free to take and is accessible for anyone on the internet. In order for the candidates to view their results, the test must be validated. Tests that are not validated do no affect the scoring of other candidates and are dropped. Test validation fee is for $21 paid at the end of the test.

Get Accurate Results

Our IQ test consists of 20 questions that might gradually increase in difficulty, for the best results, follow the instructions below.
Clear Your Mind & Focus
Candidate needs to be in a quiet place with no distractions during the test.
Read Carefully
Our test require you to think carefully and understand the queries.
Skip Hard Questions
When you feel stuck on a question, skip it and try answering it at the end.
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