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Why take an IQ test?
The purpose of taking an IQ test is to measure intelligence, to measure one’s reasoning and problem solving abilities; and to analyze one’s mathematical understanding, language abilities as well as short term memory and information processing speed.
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Everything you need to know

What is an IQ test?

IQ test which is also known as ‘Intelligence Quotient’ test, comes in various forms. It was first used in France to diagnose students with learning disabilities so they receive what nowadays is called special education. At the present time, an IQ test is not only used to identify those with mental disabilities but also to identify those who are intellectually gifted.

How is my IQ test score calculated?

An IQ Test score is calculated based on a norm group with an average score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. The standard deviation of 15 means, 68% of individuals have scored between 85 and 115 on the IQ test. This means the average score will always be 100 and 95% of individuals will score between 70 and 130.

High IQ test scores:

Based on the bell curve, an IQ test score of 100 is considered the average and typically a score above 100 is associated with high intelligence. IQ test scores ranging from 130 and above are considered to be in the extreme intelligence category while those with an IQ higher than 140 are considered gifted.

Low IQ test scores:

Those who score below 85 are considered to be associated with low intelligence. A score below 70, is usually considered mentally handicap and may indicate an underlying learning disability. Note : A high IQ test score doesn’t mean that someone is particularly smart, but it means that the person has “potential”.

Difference between high and low IQ individuals

High IQ individuals
  • Curious
  • Observant
  • High self control
  • High working memory
  • Highly adaptable
  • Perfectionism
  • Focus and concentration
  • Great attention to detail
  • High reasoning abilities
  • Broad mindedness
Low IQ individuals
  • Lack of creativity
  • Prone to emotional outbursts
  • Learning deficiencies
  • Self care difficulties
  • Adaption difficulties

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Our IQ test consists of 20 questions that might gradually increase in difficulty, for the best results, follow the instructions below.
Clear Your Mind & Focus
Candidate needs to be in a quiet place with no distractions during the test.
Read Carefully
Our test require you to think carefully and understand the queries.
Skip Hard Questions
When you feel stuck on a question, skip it and try answering it at the end.


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